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Rostovskaya embankment. Russia, Moscow.

A little photowalk yesterday on the Rostovskaya embankment. View on the Europa square, bridge of Bogdan Khmelnitskiy, Kievskiy railway , Evropeyskiy shopping centre, hotel Ukraina and Moscow City. And this all in tree shots.

The site has finally launched

After nearly two weeks of renovation, the site is brand new, has finally launched in full mode. Yes, unfortunately or fortunately, disappeared from the site much earlier to attend, for example, some blog entries or take photographs of the portfolio. Generally in the portfolio now has got very little, have ... Читать далее

SpyderCube Test shot

Since such state of affairs, and then decided to calibrate your light meter, which is called «on the knee», by photographing a gray card and fit values. Gray card I have decided to use long wallows idle SpyderCube. But, as it turned out, the light meter shows the very real ... Читать далее

Site update

At this time, going updates the design and content of the site. Due with this on site may not be available materials, articles and photographs which are referenced search engines. Will not be transferred and sink into oblivion many blog posts and photos that do not match my current look. The ... Читать далее

Strange stones

That is now a strange conceptual art turned out at me for the new year. And no wonder, when you do not know what you want to get in the end, do not know what you get :)